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Cheers to craft beer!
KVAL Networking Event
What's important to us

Our Community

We are honored to work alongside a number of amazing Eugene and Portland business owners and are committed to being strong community members. 


Many facets of Honeysuckle's launch were made possible by Eugene businesses! Our bars were built by Nate Hastings of Smartcraft Builders; our logo was designed by Kassandra Lampe, owner of Wild Rose Tattoo; our sign was designed and built by local artist Shadow Fox; our business cards and website were designed by Felicia Rollins, logos vectored by Heather-May; Rachel McCoy is our life-saving accountant; Gary Smith at the Small Business Development Center is our business consultant; the list goes on and on. We are so grateful!

We intend to utilize the talents and services provided by our fellow local and women-owned businesses as much as possible. We are always excited to do our part to support small businesses!

Whenever possible, we source our supplies and ingredients locally and use organic, seasonally available ingredients in our cocktails. We are committed to paying our employees a living wage and being mindful leaders.

We love this community and intend to help bring it together to promote abundance and wealth for everyone!

Let us know if there is an opportunity to learn more about your business or collaborate with your organization! 

Need a vendor referral?

Please don't hesitate to ask us for a referral for any of your event needs, from flowers to photos, to hairdos and more!

Local Spirits
Beer & Cider
Photography & Videography
Event Planning
Hair, Makeup, & Grooming

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